This section is a digital archive chronicling the entire recorded history of the MCR, maintained in conjunction with the Worcester College Archivist ( It consists of minutes, term cards, newsletters, college records, correspondence, committee information and other documents and data. The College Archives holds the hard copy of those records created between 1990 and 2008, and the official digital copy for those created after 2008. Please contact Emma if you wish to access this store. Use the links below or to the right to start exploring the archive.



Key Dates

  • 1966: First reference to the existence of the MCR, appearing in the 64-66 College Record.
  • 1979: Women first admitted into Worcester College.
  • 1981: MCR gains financial independence from the JCR.
  • 1994: The position of ‘Sports Rep’ is created on the committee.
  • 1995 (April 28th): The MCR moves from its old location (Staircase 6 Room 2) to its current location (previously a storage room), thanks to a generous donation from Lord Faulkner.
  • 2001: The position of ‘Green Rep’ is created on the committee.