A list of committee achievements 2011-12

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A list of committee achievements 2010-11

Domestic Issues

◾Procured partial meal provision for graduates outside of term. Full hot and cold lunches are now provided throughout most of the summer, winter and spring vacation.
◾Negotiated a fair rise in rent thanks to the Rent Negotiation Committee, avoiding the college’s original plan of a fixed longer-term rise.
◾Continued the previous President’s established inspection of graduate housing with the Domestic Bursar and Accommodation Manager, to discuss both short-term and longer-term improvements.
◾Created an ‘Accommodation and Food Rep’ on the committee, responsible for an annual student accommodation survey, allowing students to formally raise any concerns with housing, inadequate furniture or cleaning. A 9-page report was produced for the college, who have enacted on many of its recommendations.
◾Formed a sub-committee with the college Bursars, Dean and Catering Manager to discuss practical implementation of an online meal booking system, and ensure its delivery to the MCR for the start of Hilary Term 2010.


◾An overhaul of previously unused MCR website, with an emphasis on providing a knowledgebase of information to existing and prospective students.
◾Liaised with the College Archivist to help start an MCR section in the college archive. The entire contents of the new archive was digitally scanned, and is soon to be available on this website. Old committee meeting minutes are also available to establish better continuity between committees on specific issues.


◾Contributed financially to the setup of the Edible Garden, found between the Earl Building and the tennis courts.
◾Introduced an ‘anti plastic bag’ scheme where each graduate house is supplied with a reusable canvas shopping bag(s).
◾Ended usage of disposable plates and cutlery at brunches.
◾Helped set up the ‘College Green Group’, which aims to produce a permanent environment policy document for the college.


◾Established a ‘Social Mailing List’, an opt-out mailing list for all Worcester MCR students that allows send-to-all privileges.
◾Ran a number of successful events, including a well attended Garden Party, a Whiskey Tasting evening, a barbecue, a tour of the Worcester Archives, quiz nights, bops, a MCR music recital and exchange dinners.
◾Pioneered the idea of ‘Exchange Bar Nights’, which began in 9th Week of Hilary Term, and is being adopted by a number of other colleges.
◾Raised over £200 for a Sri Lankan orphanage via a charity concert in the college chapel.


◾Upgraded to Sky+HD.
◾Installed a new surround-sound entertainment system in the MCR lounge.
◾Purchase of a coffee machine, Wii and board games.
◾Purchase of a new HiFi system (kindly wired in by the Maintenance Staff), which has made immeasurable difference to bar nights and exchange dinners.
◾Purchased a barbecue.
◾Replaced the sports equipment in the MCR, including a new set of pool balls, cues, darts and a darts mat.
◾All MCR computers and the printer were replaced courtesy of the college, under MCR consultation.
◾Other minor refurbishments to the MCR, including putting up pictures (such as the last 10 years of Garden Party photos up the stairwell) and the removal of old furniture and equipment. Introduced the increasingly popular MCR bookshelf.
◾Acquired artwork from the college for display in the MCR.
◾Subscribed to New Scientist Magazine to complement our existing Economist subscription.


◾Modified the terms of Associate Membership to allow Post Doctoral researchers to join the MCR (currently up to a fixed cap) with permission of a member of the SCR, even if with no prior association to Worcester College.
◾Created a new ‘Accommodation and Food Rep’ position on the committee, formally recognised Officer positions, and made other minor changes to committee positions.
◾Produced an online guide for future committees, describing the day-to-day running of the MCR, in an effort to mitigate the over-reliance on information being fully exchanged between committees.
◾Rewrote some parts of the constitution to update various out-of-date sections.
◾Switched to an anonymous voting system for MCR elections, and set the balls rolling for an online system next year.