Are kitchens equipped with plates / saucepans / frying pans, etc? The college does not supply kitchen supplies, but it is often the case that previous occupants of the house will have left some of their stuff behind. If you haven’t purchased kitchen equipment already, it’s recommended that you wait until arriving and assessing what will be needed.

What if something in my room is broken?
If an item in your room doesn’t work or is broken (with exception of IT/network related matters), then there is a maintenance book in the Lodge which you can fill in and describe the issue. If the electricity or lights have gone from your house, there will generally be an accessible fuse box where you can flick a switch (ask the Lodge if you cannot find it or this does not resolve the problem). If a light bulb has gone, you can get replacements from the Lodge.

When do rises in rent take effect? The beginning of October.

Is it customary to give your scout a gift? Yes. Typically students will get their scout a present at the end of Michaelmas Term before leaving for the Christmas vacation.

College Facilities

Does the MCR have a DVD / film rental service? – No. However there are a number of alternative options:
The JCR have a DVD library in the lodge which the MCR are free to use. This requires giving your Bod card as a deposit, which is returned upon bringing back the DVD. You can find the list here: (although be warned that a large number of them are missing!)
Given that we have a Sky+HD box, a number of movies should have been recorded to the box. Instructions for this are available in the MCR Lounge.

Are there music practice rooms that I can book? Yes. There’s the Memorial Room (with a grand piano) and practice rooms in the ‘Garden House’ (which has 2 pianos and a drum kit), on Walton Street right next to Ruskin Art College . These can be booked from the lodge, either in advance, or if you’re lucky, there and then. The usual ‘music hours’ rules apply.

Is the college bar open during the vacation? Periodically. During periods when students from other universities are staying at the college, the bar will typically be open Monday to Thursday (although on occasion may be reserved for exclusive use). Small groups of graduate students are tolerated, although drinks are charged at conference prices; approximately 30p extra from regular prices.

How do I get inducted to the gym? Gym inductions generally occur at the start of each term, and are required in order to be able to make use of the college gym. You will be notified in advance either by the MCR or JCR notices email (of which graduates receive both).

How do I see the college nurse? The College Nurse is available between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm every weekday during term (weeks 0-9 inclusive), for consultation about health matters. Her office is in Staircase 11, Room 4.

How do I dial out to an external phone? Calls are made from University Network phones by using a pre-paid telephone card, which can be purchased from local newsagents.

How do I call to internal phones? If you using a phone on the university internal network (such as in your room), you can call other phones simply by dialling their extension, found here: To dial to these from an external line, simply prefix the number with 018652.

Where can I leave my bike? Bikes can be stored in the bike shed opposite the college on Beaumont Street (you will need to get the code from the Lodge). There are also racks for graduates outside the Franks building (on Worcester Place). Bicycles must be registered with the Lodge, and clearly marked with the assigned College number; stickers can be bought from the Lodge for £1.00 (donated to the JCR).

How do I do my washing / laundry? There are 5 launderettes in College, equipped with washers and driers provided by an external company. They are located in the Sainsbury Building, the Mitchell Building, the Linbury Building, the Earl Building and the Franks Building. Students are responsible for all their own laundry, including sheets, towels, pillowcases and duvet covers. To use the laundry facilities you need to obtain a laundry card (for which a £5 refundable deposit is payable) from the Head of Security in Staircase 14, room 1. The card can be charged up using the relevant machine in the Lodge.

Does the college have a gym? Yes, Only those who have been inducted are allowed to use it; these sessions generally occur at the start of each term and you will be informed in advance.
The gym automatically locks after midnight. Facilities: Barbell weight racks, 2 ergs, 1 cross trainer, leg press + curl, lat raises, assisted dumbell weight lift, bouncey ball, pull-up bar.

Does the college have a grand piano? Yes. This can be found in the Memorial Room, which can be booked via the lodge.

How do I get internet access in my room? Before you can connect to the college network (and thus use the internet), you need to have your college username and password. Your username will be “worc” followed by 4 numbers, unless you were previously an undergraduate at another college. When you first plug in your laptop to your room’s ethernet port and try to access a website, you will see a registration page. Once you’ve agreed to the college’s Acceptable Use policy, completed the registration, and run the scanning agent, you’re done! Unplug and re-plug your network cable, you can register up to 5 devices.

College Services

Is there wireless internet? Currently only in key locations around college, mainly in meeting rooms. A college wide wireless installation is planned to take place in Michaelmas 2015.

How do I get internet access in my room? Before you can connect to the college network (and thus use the internet), you need to have your college username and password. Your username will be “worc” followed by 4 numbers, unless you were previously an undergraduate at another college. When you first plug in your laptop to your room’s ethernet port and try to access a website, you will see a registration page. Once you’ve agreed to the college’s Acceptable Use policy, completed the registration, and run the scanning agent, you’re done! Unplug and re-plug your network cable, you can register up to 5 devices.

What are the meal charges? The prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be found on the Food page.

What if I lose my white access card? Replacements can be issued in the Head of Security’s office. This is found via the Accommodation Office in the Pump Quad. Usually a charge will be incurred.

Is there any storage place to store items over the vacation? No. If you have a small number of items, it may be worthwhile asking a graduate friend to look after these in their room.

Does the college offer book bursaries? The College offers book bursaries of £35 per year of study up to a maximum of three years to graduate students reading for an Oxford degree, diploma, or the PGCE. They are intended for those whose financial circumstances are such that they cannot afford easily books which are necessary for their academic work. Application forms are available from the Graduate Officer or Accounts Manager and must be countersigned by the applicant’s College Adviser. Completed forms, with receipts attached, must be submitted no later than the end of 5th week of any term, to the Accounts Manager: reimbursements by cheque will then be made at the end of that term.

What are hall arrangements outside of term? College now provides hot and cold lunches to graduate students over most of the summer, Christmas and Easter vacation. These must be booked by 10.30am on the day of the lunch when available, and paid for in the buttery prior to the meal. The menu for the week can be found in the lodge by the window. The food quality is considerably better than that of student lunches during term time, with the standard akin to that of formal hall. Lunch is charged at the regular term-time rate.

College Staff

Who are the porters? / works in the lodge? David Roche is the Head of Security, whose office is found in the pump quad just through the accommodation office. Mark is the chatty one who was formerly a porter at Trinity. Other porters include Alison, Massimiliano (Max), Roy, Norman, Maciej, Phill, Vincent (Vinc) and Craig.

Who are the gardeners? Simon Bagnell is the Head Gardener (often seen walking around the college at weekends with his labrador), who leads a team of 6 gardeners (Ady, Ali, Kieron, Josh, Graham and Joe, the last a former Worcester PPE student). Their regularly updated website can be found here:
There are also a number of groundsmen who tend the sports ground.

Living in Oxford

Where can I buy an academic gown / bow tie / mortar board / subfusc? There are two main shops that sell these: The Varsity Shop on Broad Street, and The University Shop on High Street. Typically they offer combo deals, such as bow tie/mortar board/gown together.

Where can I buy an international plug adaptor / adapter? Oddly enough, you can buy plug adaptors (e.g. US-to-UK) in the Dry Cleaners on New Inn Hall Street. There’s a computer repair shop towards the back that sells various electrical items.

MCR Policy

What does being a committee member involve? Being a committee member on the MCR is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the life of the MCR and ensuring a fun time for its members. Responsibilities are two-fold: firstly, there are ‘general’ duties allocated via rota, such as running the bar nights and setting up for brunch. In addition, your assistance may be needed in various other social events, in particular the end of year Garden Party. Secondly, there are specific duties corresponding to the particular position, as described on the committee page. You are also expected to contribute your ideas and thoughts to committee, whether via the committee mailing list or in the periodic committee meetings.

Am I eligible to become an Associate Member? Associate Membership is open to:

  • Spouses and long-term partners (typically co-habitees) of MCR members;
  • 4th-year undergraduates (not including those reading for a Bachelors degree);
  • Previous JCR or MCR members who still have an academic connection to Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University or who are living and working in Oxford;
  • A limited number of post-doctoral researchers within the University of Oxford who have a departmental association with, and are recommended by a member of Worcester College’s SCR. Such applicants cannot be considered if they already have an association with an Oxford college.

Contact for the application form.

What does Associate Membership entitle me to? Being an Associate Member of the MCR entitles you to the following:

  • An access card which allows access into the college, MCR (and gym if you have been inducted).
  • Invited to attend all social events that the MCR offers.
  • Inclusion on the MCR (and social) mailing list.
  • The student rate for meals in college (at the ‘living out’ rate). If you live in couple’s accommodation, you’re entitled to the standard ‘living in’ rate on college meals

The cost is a £100 annual facilities fee and a £50 refundable deposit for the access card and £150 deposit if access to Formal Hall is required. Email for the application form.

What publications or newspapers does the MCR subscribe to? Currently our subscriptions are The Economist and New Scientist. Two Sunday newspapers are available, The Guardian and The Times (by MCR vote!).

Can I borrow the MCR barbecue?
Only with permission. Email to request usage. The barbecue must come back in the same condition it was taken in.

University Policy

What are the term dates? See –

Urban Myths & Miscellanous

Am I allowed to pick fruit from the college orchard? Fruit from the orchard may be picked ‘occasionally’, but not in large quantities. Please be mindful that the gardeners pick the fruit early Michaelmas Term to produce bottles of ‘Worcester brand’ apple juice to sell, so avoid picking any fruit during this period.

Is it true that J Sainsbury’s gives money to Worcester hall to improve their food?
No. There is indeed a generous donor who gave an endowment specifically to the hall, but it is not J Sainsbury’s. The benefactor is in fact a former student at Worcester (who chooses to remain anonymous) whose daughter subsequently attended Worcester during the 80s. The food quality at this time in hall was rather poor, and thus he decided to donate to the college specifically to hire a chef that would otherwise be outside their price range. Another popular misconception is that the money is used to subsidise the food. This is not true; the pricing is under the full jurisdiction of the college. The Provost has expressed his motivation behind the low prices; that it makes hall a popular social focal point by encouraging people to eat together. Hopefully this will continue.

Is it true that the Head Chef from The Randolph Hotel cooks for formal hall on Wednesday? This is one of the more bizarre myths that manages to propagate year upon year. It is not the case, neither has it ever been the case, that the Head Chef from The Randolph cooks for Worcester. It is true that Wednesday formals tend to be of better quality, but this is merely tradition.

Is there a college cat? There is no official college cat, but there are a number which are often sighted on the grounds. Edwin is the grey short-haired cat (pictured) that is frequently found around the Sainsbury Building area or even in the MCR, and belongs to Laura Ashe, a fellow in English at Worcester.


I need to see a dentist – There is a College dentist, Mr D S Le Tocq at 31 Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2NZ, Tel: 557507, who is able to provide dental treatment to students of Worcester College. Details of services and charges can be obtained from the practice. You are not obliged to use the College dentist and may register with any other dentist if you prefer.

I need to see a doctor – For convenience the College is associated with a group practice located at 27 Beaumont Street, Oxford, Tel: 311500. See