The Franks Society is a forum for graduate students to deliver talks on their research or a topic of their choice, covering a diverse range of fields. The talk is followed by a free hot meal.
If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact the Franks Society Organiser as indicated on the Committee & Officers page.

Past Talks

  • 7th Week TT 2012 – Justice and climate change, a beginner’s guide – Luke Tomlinson
  • 2nd Week TT 2012 – Dissidents and dissonance: colonial violence in Kenya and Cyprus and the
    emergence of a human rights ‘conscious’ Britain, 1945-65 – Kate Kennedy
  • 7th Week HT 2012 – Making a name on the Enlightenment stage: James Bond, Harry Potter, and their eighteenth-century ancestors – Jess Goodman
  • 2nd Week HT 2012 – The Modern Lesson – Tom Gilligan
  • 7th Week MT 2011 – Have you had your rice today? Developing a supercharged rice variety to feed a growing population – Jim Fouracre
  • 2nd Week MT 2011 – Don Quixote the Nimby: How media nonsense has hampered the progress of wind energy – Martin Evans
  • 5th Week TT 2011 – The Future of our Oceans – Celia Bell
  • 2nd Week TT 2011 – Australian Indigenous Art: Communal Authorship and Copyright Law – Daniela Simone
  • 28th Feb HT 2011 – Do EU Member States need Readmission Agreements? – Luljeta Caraoshi
  • 31st Jan HT 2011 – Aerosols and the Atmosphere – Jason Lee
  • MT 2010 – Teaching on Pentecost Island, Vanuatu – Magali Lamarre
  • MT 2010 – The Chomsky Hierarchy and the Complexity of the English Language – Jamie Frost (Slides)
  • TT 1995 – Icebergs and Iced Beers: Seven Weeks on an Antarctic Research Ship – Adrian Nankivell