Life at Worcester breaks into three parts, work, activities and socialising. Most of the MCR members find a balance among the three, but whatever a member’s focus, the Social Secretaries’ task is to put on a variety of enjoyable events and encourage interaction between members. Check out the Events page for our up-to-date social programme.

The Middle Common Room is the center of Social Life and throughout the year it provides a place for members to hang out, relax, read newspapers, watch the HD-TV, and even work or use the computer room. See the Facilities page for more details.

Our motto is “fun is always more fun when it’s organised”.


Garden Party
The Garden Party is an annual event which takes place each Trinity Term. Perhaps the most important and quintissentially Oxford event in the social calendar, it features an abundance of Pimms, strawberries and cream, live music and croquet; all while immersed in the milieu of the Provost’s private garden. The event is also the setting of the MCR photo, which can be purchased after the event.


Exchange Dinners
Twice a term we sample the cuisines of other colleges in an exchange dinner, which typically entails a champagne reception, and port in the host MCR after the meal. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet graduates from other colleges, as well as experience a variety of college settings.


Bar Nights
Tuesday nights are bar nights in the MCR. Expect worryingly cheap beers and cocktails, eclectic iPod collections on the HiFi, table football, pool, and some boogie-ing if you’re lucky. See the MCR Bar page for more details.


A ‘bop’ is Oxford slang for ‘college party’, and are typically themed; be it the traditional Hawaiian, ‘Red Carpet’ Hollywood, Gangster 20s or ‘What I Want To Be When I Grow Older’.


Guest Dinners
Twice a term we have guest dinners where members of the MCR are encouraged to bring a guest. The meal is typically of slightly better quality, and is followed by coffee, port and petit fours. There are also a number of special dinners throughout the year, including parents dinner and Christmas dinner.


Brunch runs every Sunday morning from 11.30am onwards, with baguettes and a variety of groceries, including the much cherished ‘token Toblerone’ (once removed from the shopping list but hastily returned after public outcry). Newspapers are also available.

Film Club
The Film Club runs every Thursday evenings usually from 0th week to 9th week of each term. We have a fairly diverse range of genres of movies, from the independent to the mainstream. Those who regularly attend are encouraged to choose a movie from the own collection and provide a short introduction before the movie. Free snacks (including the obligatory popcorn!) are provided.
Some examples of films shown last term: M, There Will Be Blood, The Thing, Shawshank Redemption, Tarnation, Red (from Kieslowski’s ‘Three Colors Trilogy’) and Full Metal Jacket.


Oxford and Cambridge are somewhat synonymous with their elaborate and decadent balls. This year Worcester will be holding its special tri-annual Commemoration Ball, with live music, exquisite food, chocolate fountains, comedy acts, and of course, plenty of alcohol.