We are currently looking for new committee members! If you are interested in applying for any of the following roles, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any of the committee members!

  • Accommodation & Food rep
  • Franks society organiser
  • Entz helpers

The MCR is run by a vibrant and active committee. The committee plans events and represents the post-graduate community to the college, student union and wider university. We are very happy to field questions from students who are considering applying to Worcester College. We promise we are lovely to speak with! If you don’t see your question covered by a specific committee member, please contact our president.

Committee Members 2021 – 2022

President – Carys Howell

Vice President / Treasurer – Sandra Huaringa Nino
A photo of Sandra Huaringa Nino, VP/ Treasurer

Vice President / Entertainment – Emilia Flack

A photo of Emilia Flack, VP Entz

Vice President / Equality and Diversity – Jacqueline Brown

Vice President / Community – Emma Lawrence

A photo of Emma Lawrence VP Community


Secretary – Tobias Wedel

Education Officer – James Cogbill

A photo of James Cogbill, Education Officer

Welfare Rep – Berklee Baum, Faith Odero

Social Secretary  – Jimin Kang, Henrike Engelhardt, Joseph Moore, Gil-Ad Schwartz, William Simmons

Computer Representative – Luke Rickard

A photo of Luke Rickard, Computing Rep

Environment Representative – Isabelle Stuart

Bar Manager – William Simmons

Accommodation & Food Rep – Vacant

Charities Representative –  Aurora Guerrini

LGBTQ+ Officer – Adam Hexley

BME Officer – Belinda Agbetiamah

A photo of Belinda Agbetiameh, BME Officer

Women’s Rep – Giulia Laura Celero 

Franks Society Organiser – Vacant

Arts Officer – Christopher Pang, Anna Aionio

A photo of Christopher Pang, Arts representative

Sports Officer – Jeremy Stroud

MCR Meeting Minutes

20/10/2019 General Body Meeting

30/10/19 Committee Meeting